Participation action at the
Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e.v.

08.12.2019 15:30 and 16:30
Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
2nd Floor

On the occasion of the annual "International Model Railway Day" the association "Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e.V." offers the cooperation as signaller.
The support of the dispatchers as signaller provides exciting insights into model railway control, the operation and handling of a railway operation in Hamburg. After an introduction to the operation, you can take part in a Track control consoles handle the trains on the model railway layout which has existed for 70 years and send them to the appropriate destinations. Elaborate models, large-scale Staging of the railway station facilities from Hamburg-Harburg station as well as an bundance of historical objects, picture and text documents allow 100 years of railway history to be presented.
    • The introduction starts at 15:30 and 16:30.
      The presentations starts at 16:00 and 17:00.
    • Costs: included in the museum entrance fee.
    • without registration (For space reasons limited to 10 persons per presentation)
    further dates: 19.01.2020, 16.02.2020, 15.03.2020

    Information under: www.mehev.de or Phone: +49 40 31 44 35
    In the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
    Holstenwall 24 / 2nd Floor, D-20355 Hamburg

  • Rückblick

    70th anniversary celebration Presentation of the modelrailway
    on the 2nd floor of the Museum of Hamburg History

    After 70 years of daily demonstrations of the traffic historic modelrailway on the 2nd floor of the Museum für Hamburg history, on October 2, 2019, a dignified framework was established for this anniversary. Many famous personalities came to the celebration and the simultaneous opening of the "Special exhibition on the 70-year history of model railways in the Museum for Hamburg History" under the motto:
    MEHEV = Modell Eisenbahn Hamburg Erklären Vorführen. (modelrailway hamburg explaining presentating)

    The 1. chairman of the MEHEV, Mr. Matthiessen, welcomed the guests, explained the procedure of the celebration and handed over the word to the following speakers.
    The Vice-President of the Hamburg Parliament Mr. Wersich, as well as Finance Senator Dr. Dressel confessed to the railway hobby and were enthusiastic about how they became railway fans in their childhood. They wanted the modelrailway layout on the 2nd floor of the MHG to be "a jewel in the crown of the Museumslandscape", it should remain in place and many more anniversaries should be celebrated.
    2.v.r. Hr. Matthiessen, r. Dr. Wiechmann
    Dr. Herbort The group representative of Deutsche Bahn AG, Mrs. Dr. Herbort delivered the congratulations of our great original.
    The 1. chairman of the MEHEV, Mr. Matthiessen, declared the model selection of the train station "Hamburg-Harburg", the significance of this model for Hamburg and the special circumstances of the material procurement for the construction of the modelrailway in the 1940s.
    The VVM chairman, Mr. Dr. Elsner, paid tribute to the performance of the MEHEV and explicitly emphasized the value of the honorary work on modelrailway and original railway vehicles, so that they can also be used for subsequent preserve for generations.
    Mr. Krumm, Chairman of the BDEF, conveyed the congratulations and reminded the audience that MEHEV is one of the founding members of the Bundesverband-Deutscher-Eisenbahn-Freunde and emphasized the outstanding presantation of the gauge 1 modelrailway in the Museum of Hamburg History.
    The interim museum director of the MHG, Mr. Dr. Wiechmann, reported on the current status of the modernisation and conversion plans at Holstenwall 24.
    The MEHEV treasurer, Mr. Schäding, reported from his first visits in the 1970s, as a pupil of the opposite commercial school and his later collaboration in the MEHEV.
    On the 3rd floor of the MHG the guests were able to enjoy a gauge 1 modular layout take the speed controller into there own hands and let the steam- and diesel locomotives drive. Some modules were developed by our youth group, other modules were provided by club members at your disposal. The Märklin Nostalgic Railway from the 1950s and the 1960s, which were built on the original metal tracks in the gauge H0, was demonstrated, and many unfulfilled desires from childhood came up in memory. Several times the words fell: yes, the "class V200" had I too, but a "class 01" always remained my unfulfilled dream. The well-known "TELEX-Coupling" brought the special "flair" into the shunting operation, also here the guests talked to each other about their vehicles and occurrences in the many operating hours with the modelrailway.

    During subsequent discussion circles on the topics of railways and local transport in Hamburg, as well as many memories of the first own model railway, the participants were able to strengthen themselves with Franzbrötchen, which were made available by the winner of the "Franzbrötchen-Wettbewerb 2019 im MHG". The very first bite into this special pastry made it clear why it won first prize in the competition.
    The MEHEV-members of the festival committee have given each guest our commemorative publication "70 years modelrailway in the museum". The readers of the HN can also read the festive magazine for €4,00 at the Museum Shop of the Museum of Hamburg History or at the MEHEV cash desk. The festive magazine shows the beginnings of model railways in the museum up to the present day and is a treasure trove for the interesting reports and pictures of this unique model railway. The editions of the HN that were made available to the public were also gladly requested by the guests.
    The special demonstration of the traffic historic modelrailway on the 2nd floor led the guests into the past 110 years of the railway history in Hamburg. Starting with the steam locomotives and vehicles from the time of Prussia and the germans country railways originated, over the time of the increasingly faster locomotives and traction vehicles in the 1930s, the "New construction vehicles of the 1950s of the Deutsche Bundesbahn", up to the vehicles of the "Deutsche Bahn AG", which we daily can see on the tracks in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Some "MEHEV treasures" were also presented for a special experience, e.g. "Der Adler", the first locomotive in Germany, which starts the railway age, left the station Harburg over the Elbbrücken and the pillartrack to the main station. The model figures were dressed especially festively and were not astonished when an ICE was rushing past them. The "rail transport train", which was in operation for a short time, with rail transport wagons loaded with long "steel rails" drove about the plant. Thus it could be shown that also the maintenance of the tracks in original and model are important, so that the tracks stay safe. The guests were equally enthusiastic about the track control panels Lüneburg and Buchholz, that are based on original control panels. After an introduction the service, the guests could let our trains run. The technology corresponds to the great original and allows the trains to reach their destination safely and on time..
    Members and board of the MEHEV especially thank the festival committee and the helpers with the organization of this anniversary celebration.

    70 years presentation of the gauge-1 model railway
    from Modelleisenbahn Hamburg e.V. in the museum of hamburgs history

    We celebrate from 3. to 6. October 2019

    • on the second floor:
      • we will present the history of the modelrailway in the museum in a picture galerie,
      • in a showcase we will present historic models with had run on the layout a long time ago.
    • on the third floor:
      • we will present a new gauge-1 module layout from our MEHeV-youth group,
      • show the progress of the railway in hamburg in pictures
      The room on the third floor is open only from October, 3. to 6., 2019

    • On 5 October 2019 at 2 pm in the large lecture hall of the MHG (ground floor)
      Mr. Hans-Peter Neumann from the passenger association PRO BAHN
      asks the question: "Where does Hamburg need a train station?"

    • On 6 October 2019 at 2 pm in the large lecture hall of the MHG (ground floor)
      Mr. Alexander Montana from VCD North,
      presents an "Alternative Public Transport Concept 2035".

    • From 3 October on there is our commemorative publication
      for the price of € 4.-
      included is a keyring pendant

  • Short working information

    Summary for 2015

    In the whole year 2015 the model railway layout was visited by 42,097 visitors, compared to the previous year with approx. 40,000 visitors this is an increase of approx. 5%. Thank you very much for your interest in our model railway system.
    • New vehicles:
      • freight wagons G10
      • freight wagons Gms54/PWghs54
      • refrigerator wagon
      • "Silverling" control car with Karlsruhe head
  • further vehicles are ordered
  • Not necessarily very conspicuous but time-consuming are the "aging" self-built vehicles still partly elaborately refurbished.

  • Summary for 2014

    • New vehicles:
      • Electric locomotive class 120 pre-series
      • Conversion wagonn 4yg (2x B4yg, 1x AB4yg, 1x BD4yg)
      • Covered freight wagon Gl11 "MIELE"
      • Covered freight wagon Oppeln
    • Not necessarily very conspicuous but time-consuming:
      • Revision of the self-construction freight wagons
        • mostly with refinements
        • partly with new varnishing and inscription
    • further detailing of the model railway layout (BW Hamburg-Harburg)
    • Revision of the coal crane

    Summary for 2013

    • New vehicles:
      • Steam locomotive class 01 067
      • Steam locomotive class 89.70-75
      • Electric locomotive class 110 (Ersatz)
      • Electric locomotive class 140 (Ersatz)
      • Electric locomotive class 151
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 265
      • Conversion wagon 4yg (2x B4yg, 1x AB4yg, 1x BD4yg)
      • Covered freight wagons Gl11 "MIELE"
      • Covered freight wagons Oppeln
      • Tank wagon "GASOLIN"

    Summary for 2012

    • Vehicles for reconditioning:
      • Steam locomotive class 41
      • Steam locomotive class 74 mit Wendezug
      • ICE 2
      • Accumulator railcar class 515
    • Extension of the overhead contact line
    • Revision of the signals
    • Not to forget, of course:
      • Short-term and small maintenance work on vehicles and model railways
      • Renewal of tracks and Switches
      • Test of new couplings for reversible trains
      • Revision and design of the landscape, roads, cars, trucks
      • Cleaning of tracks and vehicles....
      • Extension / renewal of tools and machines

    Summary for 2011

    • 80th anniversary of the association
    • New vehicles:
      • Vacuum cleaner wagon "Huulbessen" (Fahrzeuge)
      • SVT 04 501
      • Apron dining wagon
    • Vehicles for reconditioning:
      • Steam locomotive class 01
      • Steam locomotive class 03 (Work was more extensive than initially planned (Fahrzeuge)
      • Steam locomotive class 24
      • Steam locomotive class 87 (Work was more extensive than initially planned Porträt class87)
      • Electric locomotive class 110.1
      • Small locomotive class 323
      • Rail zeppelin
      • Railcar VT 798
      • Refrigerator wagon (Self-constructed block train: refurbishment of the chassis)
    • Completion of on-screen signal boxes
    • Completion of the track diagram signal boxes
    • Not to forget, of course:
      • Short-term and small maintenance work on vehicles and model railways:
      • Renewal of tracks and switches
      • Test of new couplings for reversible trains
      • Revision and design of the landscape, roads, cars, trucks
      • Cleaning of tracks and vehicles...
      • Extension / renewal of tools and machines

    Summary for 2010

    • New vehicles:
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 218
      • Vehicles for reconditioning:
      • Steam locomotive class 03
      • Steam locomotive class 41
      • Steam locomotive class 87
      • Rail car VT 62
      • Tower railcar class 701
    • Extension of the parking model railway facilities in the outer station
    • Screen signal boxes in the signal box
      • Hamburg-Harburg railway station completed
      • Hamburg-Hauptgüterbahnhof in work
    • Game Model Railway Track H0 for Children (and Adults)

    Summary for 2009

    • 60. anniversary of the model railway
    • New vehicles:
      • Steam locomotive class 24
      • Local train with "Donnerbüchsen" (thunderbusses)
      • Local train with silverlings
    • Reconditionings:
      • Steam locomotive class 19
      • Steam locomotive class 52 (Nacharbeiten)
      • Steam locomotive class 89
      • Steam locomotive class 93
      • Diverse passenger and freight wagons
    • Further screen signal box in the outer station installed
    • Turntable integrated in the model railway control system
    • Complete check of the cabling (will be continued)
    • Configuration of the control sections and revised if necessary.

    Summary for 2008

    • New vehicles:
      • Steam locomotive class 96 (Dauerleihgabe)
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 218 (Spende)
    • Monitor interlocking installed in the outer station.
    • Reconditionings:
      • Steam locomotive class 52
      • Steam locomotive class 82
      • Electric locomotive class 103
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 218
      • DieselElectric locomotive V80 (in Arbeit)
      • Rail car VT 11.5 fertiggestellt
      • Rail car "Schweineschnauze"
    • Cargo ship "WATUSSI" reconditioned (lies at the shed 25)
    • Built-in turntable, locomotive treatment model railways redesigned
    • Design of green model railway systems Hamburg-Harburg railway station.

    Summary for 2007

    • New vehicles:
      • Steam locomotive class 01.10
      • Steam locomotive class 94
    • Donations:
      • Steam locomotive class 38
      • Steam locomotive class 80, 2 Stück
      • DieselElectric locomotive 25
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 212
      • Several passenger and freight wagons
    • New turntable
    • Aufarbeitungen:
      • Tower Rail car (TVT)
      • DieselElectric locomotive class 215
      • Railcar VT 11.5 (TEE) technically reconditioned, painting planned for 2008.
    • Continuous peak and tail light for locomotives are installed as far as possible.
    • Repair of various form signals.
    • Revision and extension of the equipment of the Platforms Hamburg-Harburg.
    • Pushbutton interlocking station III (below) Stop Elbbrücke) in operation.
    • (unfortunately the interlocking is not available at the moment because of technical Problems inoperative)